370 Queens Ave.
London, On, N6B 1X6

Armatec Survivability Plant

Dorchester, ON
November 2009
November 2010
Armatec Survivability Plant in Dorchester, Ontario is a state-of-the-art plant providing research and development as well as manufacturing of military solutions for international armed forces. It manufactures personnel and vehicle survivability without compromising mission effectiveness or equipment sustainability.

The 290,000 s.f. facility is designed for expansion of an additional 120,000 s.f. The mechanical systems of the manufacturing plant were designed with one of the largest geo-thermal and in-floor heating/cooling systems in Canada. Visitors arrive in a spacious skylit lobby which can accommodate displays of large military vehicles. A movable wall allows the Cafeteria to open unto the Lobby for special functions. There is a patio next to the Cafeteria for outdoor gatherings. The upper level overlooks the entire manufacturing area below, allowing visitors unobstructed views of different stages of fabrication without permitting the public unto the plant floor for safety security and confidentiality concerns.

Employee quality of work environment is enhanced with introduction of natural light through clerestory windows at five high-bay areas for horizontal crane rails.